Safe Lettings - Scam lettings!!!!!

Manchester, England 2 comments

dont go to this company they dont give you your deposit back and they own most of the properties!!they dont help you at all and are wannabe gangsters.

dont waste your money on this company they are robbers.If every company was like these scumbags then there would be a lot more homeless people out there. This company should be called "scammers r us" they are basically rip of merchants stealing peoples hard earned deposit money.

They try to act professional but basically are crooks.The shady figure behind this front company is called sheik aqeel amjad and it is run by his daughter who is a low class donkey.

Review about: Saima Ahmed.



Omg this is so true, they think they're gangsters the whole family are into drugs big time, seriously stay away BEWARE!!!!!


thats is so true well said mate! they are a rip off i once had to deal with this company and done the same thing did'nt give me my deposit back :(

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